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At the Los Angeles labor law firm of Kesluk & Silverstein, our employment attorneys and staff are dedicated to utilizing all available and necessary resources including nearly four decades of combined legal experience to achieve fair, just, and desirable resolutions to disputes that occur in some of the most critical areas of employment law. We are highly qualified Los Angeles labor lawyers who understand the importance of feeling comfortable in the workplace; especially when feeling comfortable means being free from fear caused by working for an abusive supervisor, being fired for an injury suffered on the job, or for some other illegitimate cause.

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The older one grows and the more successful one is, a person is bound to acquire assets which will then become part of his or her estate. These assets can be anything from property, land, a home, cars, investments, bank accounts, life insurance, personal possessions and even art pieces and other collectible items. It does not matter, how large your estate is or where it is situated. Ultimately, when you die you cannot take it with you. Your estate then passes on to your heirs or others that you can designate to receive the assets. Therefore, you need estate planners to help secure all of your assets.