At the Los Angeles labor law firm of Kesluk & Silverstein, our employment attorneys and staff are dedicated to utilizing all available and necessary resources including nearly four decades of combined legal experience to achieve fair, just, and desirable resolutions to disputes that occur in some of the most critical areas of employment law. We are highly qualified Los Angeles labor lawyers who understand the importance of feeling comfortable in the workplace; especially when feeling comfortable means being free from fear caused by working for an abusive supervisor, being fired for an injury suffered on the job, or for some other illegitimate cause.

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Find An Estate Planning Law Firm

The older one grows and the more successful one is, a person is bound to acquire assets which will then become part of his or her estate. These assets can be anything from property, land, a home, cars, investments, bank accounts, life insurance, personal possessions and even art pieces and other collectible items. It does not matter, how large your estate is or where it is situated. Ultimately, when you die you cannot take it with you. Your estate then passes on to your heirs or others that you can designate to receive the assets. Therefore, you need estate planners to help secure all of your assets.


One of the most difficult points of hiring a law firm is finding the right law firm. There are a number of ways that you can locate labor law firms to create a list of firms to contact. The list will create the basis of your short list which will contain the law firm that you are going to be using such as

The first way to find a law firm is through the county or state bar association. Many of these associations will have an online database that you can search to find a law firm in your area. The referrals that you get from these associations will be in good standing and will be licensed to practice in your area.

You should also look at contacting any trade organization or professional groups in your area. The groups that you contact should specialize in labor law as this ensures the referrals you get will have experience in this section of the law. When contacting these groups you need to ensure that you are looking at plaintiff-side referrals instead of defense side referrals because this will be the employee side of the case.

Another way that you can find a labor law firm is to ask another lawyer that you have worked with in the past. Attorneys are a good source of referrals because they will know the reputation of the firm and whether they can actually help you. We recommend

Research The Law Firm

Once you have referrals and a list of potential law firms to use, you need to do some research. Your first stop should be the law firm’s website. If you do not have the direct URL, you should look for them on the search engines and see what comes up. Most law firms will have a website, but some offer more information on them than others.

When researching something like a top rated Syracuse New York personal injury law firm, you should also look at the experience the lawyers have in cases. Good quality law firms will have a listing of representative cases that they have worked on with a short description of what the case was about. When reviewing these cases, you need to see if any of them are similar to your case. If you are unsure as to whether the firm only represents employers or employees, you should ask them when you contact them for an initial consultation.